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Описание: Пожалуй, первая партнерская программа, которая принимает только одну валюту - Биткоины. Что это такое, читаем в Википедии. Предлагают два рекламных формата: контекстная баннерная реклама и оплачиваемые короткие ссылки. Платят только Биткоины, для вывода денег или оплаты рекламы надо будет создать кошелек в Blockchain.info.

Регистрация: Зарегистрироваться в Coinurl.com

Правила участия: Принимают любые сайты (кроме запрещенного контента). Есть реферальная программа. Платят как за клики, так и за показы.

Формат рекламы: Контекстная баннерная реклама, Оплата коротких ссылок

Выплаты: Минимальной суммы для выплаты нет. Платят исключительно на кошелек Blockchain.info



CoinURL is an anonymous keyword-based contextual advertising network to make Bitcoins without any investment. Those who have a website with a good traffic and audience, they can make Bitcoins easily by monetizing the website’s content with CoinURL. It’s a smart way to monetize a website content. In this article, we are going to review CoinURL in details and help you to make Bitcoins with CoinURL.


How to Make Bitcoins with CoinURL


As mentioned, you can turn any content you create on your website into cash. You can shorten URL and tweets, forum posts, torrents, images, to make Bitcoins with CoinURL. The rates are good paid by advertisers to publishers who promotes the products of advertisers. Here are a couple of good features that you can use to make money so easily with CoinURL.


  • Contextual Banner Advertisements
  • Automatic Shortening URL


Contextual Banner Advertisements


CoinURL offers contextual banner advertisement that you will need to place on your website and get paid for clicks much like Google AdSense. There are available standard 12 text and image ad formats:



  • 728 x 90  (Leaderboard Banner)
  • 468×60    (Half Banner)
  • 336×280 (Large Rectangle Banner)
  • 300×250 (Medium Rectangle Banner)
  • 250×250 (Square Banner)
  • 160×600  (Skyscraper Banner)
  • 125×125    (Button banner)
  • 120×600
  • 234×60
  • 200×200
  • 180×150
  • 120×240


Automatic Shortening URL


There is another earning method to make Bitcoins with your website using CoinURL which is based on each impression. By means that whenever you site visitor clicks on an external link he will at first redirected to a short ad and will return back to the source. It works automatically by simply using overlay script which work on every external link placed on your site (This overlay script also redirect your site visitor to a short ad and will return back to the source).


Features that CoinURL Offer:


  • Keyword-based Contextual Advertising for Webpages and Search Results
  • Location, language, device and URL targeting (both preferring and blocking)
  • Goal tracking
  • Bidding network-wide (like Anonymous Ads) and particular sites (like Operation Fabulous)
  • Ad editing and deletion
  • Ad schedule
  • Analytical tools: impression and clicks charts for different time periods, locations, languages, referrers, platforms browsers, devices
  • SSL protocol
  • Privacy settings, hidden stats, possibility to delete logs with sensitive info
  • Filtering of the adult content by multiple categories
  • Protection against fraudulent clicks, manual review every day and refund to the advertisers rejected clicks
  • Fast support service for our customers


That’s all that you can do and make Bitcoins from CoinURL. Signup and make Bitcoins today.





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